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When moving or relocating to a new city, the most important factors are economy, jobs, tax rates, amenities, schools, neighborhoods, communities, and crime rate. All these conditions are in favor of Texas, North Texas cities, and specifically Frisco Texas. Business Insider has described Texas as one of the top ten states of the United States that most relocators chose in 2019 and the 2018 Money Magazine selected Frisco Texas as the best place to live in the US. When moving, it is essential to have a local real estate agent in Frisco Texas who knows the city very well. A Local Realtor in Frisco would help you make the right move and should assure you not only stress free but enjoyable move.

Bassel Mokabel

Why should you choose to live in Frisco Texas?

Frisco is a northern suburb of Dallas, Texas. It is about 25 miles north of the biggest city in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It borders Plano, Texas. The city is divided between Denton and Collin Counties. The population of Frisco just passed the 200,000. 

Bassel Mokabel, a trusted real estate agent in Frisco Texas, moved in 2017 with his family to Frisco Texas and it was the best decision he took. Bassel has been recommending Frisco Texas to all friends and family members across the US especially to his Californian friends who are paying so much to own just another house in California when they could just get an amazing house for a third or half the price.  

Frisco offers so much for anyone looking to relocate. The crime rate is low, the area affordable, the food excellent, and the people friendly. You can’t go wrong choosing Frisco as your home base.

Here are the Top 11 Reasons why should you choose to move to Frisco Texas.
  1. Booming economy and amazing Job Opportunities – Frisco is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and with that growth, economy has boomed. Frisco is home to some major corporations, and many people work outside Frisco in corporate giants like Dallas and Fort Worth. Frisco has many restaurants, entertainment, and attractions that keeps money in the local area.
  2. Location Location Location – Its location is extremely prime. You can enjoy all the metropolitan-style in Frisco without any hustle and bustle of the big city, all just 40 minutes away from  downtown Dallas in non-rush hour times.
  3. Affordable Housing –  Frisco offers great and stunning affordable housing in its great communities.
  4. Family-Friendly City – Frisco has a reputation for being family-friendly. With excellent schools and affordable housing, families find Frisco appealing. The many parks, restaurants, shops, and attractions has choices for everyone in the family. Young families and millennials choose Frisco to be their homes for their growing families.  There is always something to do in Frisco! The Texas Sculpture Garden, IFly, Dr. Pepper Ball Park, Frisco Fire Safety Town, the National Video Game Museum, and the Plantation Golf Club are some great places to visit. And you will definitely find friends wherever you go as well.
  5. Exceptional schools – Frisco ISD earned the #7 Places with the Best Public Schools in Texas, and rightfully so. Though the school district has grown at a fast pace, they still maintain high-rated academics and competitive sports programs. The school system offers almost unlimited resources for the students and has a low student-to-teacher ratio that many big school districts lack. The school system is incredible offering almost unlimited opportunities for kids. Yes, it is competitive in both scholastics and sports, but the resources that are provided to kids is worth it. 
  6. Safe City with a low crime rate period. It is one of the safest city in the US.
  7. A sports fan’s paradise – A Home for 7 Pro Sports Team – Sports a plenty with major league soccer (FC Dallas), minor league baseball, the Dallas Cowboys headquarters at the star, high school football, G-league basketball, a new major league lacrosse team PLUS the PGA of America that is moving its headquarters to Frisco, Texas.
  8. Countless facilities – Every city and state has its own culture and recreation, and so does Frisco Texas. The Frisco Athletic Center is featuring 18,000 square feet of indoor aquatic elements and 40,000 square feet of outdoor aquatic features, wow. Some of the residents consider this place as R.E.C. Center or F.A.C. The R.E.C. center contains all the exercises classes and equipment which you need to make your body look good. If we talk about the culture of Frisco City, then it hosts the Museum of the American Railroad, which is based out of the Frisco Heritage Museum. The city has a lot of Art galleries, black box theaters, and National Video Game Museum which is loved by every resident of the Frisco Texas. Oh, and even a game called Frisco-opoly. There are so many places to explore including the Rail District, the Frisco Star, the lazy river at a Frisco Roughriders game and the soon to come Patios on the Rail.  See some of the best of the best spots on my Frisco Gift Guide here.
  9. Nightlife in Frisco is hot – If you want to enjoy a night out, you don’t have to drive to Dallas to savor the best hot spot. You can find everything from tapas and wine to brats and beer in Frisco. Looking for the best place for a date night, try Eight 11 Place. Outdoor ambiance and live music make for a perfect time with your sweetheart. For a night out with the boys, The Frisco Bar is an optimal choice. No vibrant nightlife has to be sacrificed when you move to Frisco, they’ve got you covered! shopping, recreational, sports venues and more.
  10. A growing city with small-town charm. you will just love it.
  11. Ideal For Businesses – Frisco cultivates an exceptional environment for business to thrive. Frisco attracts the best companies, residents and workers.  High concentration of headquarters with experienced and diverse talent. Major innovation-tech leaders and venture capitalists are focusing on Frisco as a tech hub.
  12. Safe from Recession – Frisco, Texas ranks within the top 35% of the study across all individual metrics. Furthermore, it ranks within the top 11 for each of the three categories we considered: employment, housing and social assistance. In terms of employment, Frisco performs particularly well for its relatively low 2018 unemployment rate – tying for the 17th lowest, at 3.1%. In terms of housing, it scores best for housing costs as a percentage of income – ranking fourth overall, at 18.2%. Finally, in terms of social assistance, Texas performs particularly well for its state’s rainy-day funds as a percentage of state expenditures – ranking second-highest of all 50 states at almost 19%.
It is recommended to read more about relocating to Frisco Texas on our website.
If you are still not convinced, here are Frisco Texas rewards and National Recognition:

Moving to Frisco? Bassel Mokabel is your REALTOR in Frisco

Bassel Mokabel provides a variety of real estate services in Frisco Texas. Whether you are looking to buy a home or sell a home, rent or lease our, if you are looking for a new construction home, luxury home, or investment opportunities in Frisco Texas, Bassel Mokabel has you covered. Here are some of the real estate services offered in Frisco Texas:

Relocation Services as a Local Real Estate Agent in Frisco Texas

Assistance finding and moving to a new home and selling an existing home. As relocation real estate agent in Frisco, I recommend you to read this article when considering relocating to Frisco Texas

Buyer’s Agent

A Real Estate Agent who represents the buyer in a real estate transaction is called a buyer’s agent. As a Frisco Realtor offering buyer’s agent services, Bassel assist Homebuyers determining their buying needs, introduce you to lenders and get your preapproved, search for your homes, schedule and show you homes, analyze and evaluate homes before submitting an offer, write and submit offers, negotiate with the listing agent, schedule and attend the home inspection, attend the appraisal, and finalize the closing.

Listing Agent

A Real Estate Agent who represents the seller in a real estate transaction is called a listing agent. As a real estate agent in Frisco offering listing agent services, Bassel provides professional consultation to home sellers, assist home sellers price their home right, not over market price and not under market price, help to stage the home when needed, hire professional photographer to take pictures and “virtual tours”, List it on MLS, Market the home to drive traffic to it, contact potential buyers, schedule and hold open houses and walk-throughs, show it to prospective buyers, answer all buyers’ inquiries, review the submitted offers and contracts, negotiate with the buyers, attend inspection to hear all the feedback, attend the appraisal, and finalize the closing.

First Time Home Buyer

Assistance buying a property for individuals who’ve never purchased a home before including programs and special loans for first-time buyers. Helping them by understanding their needs, getting them preapproved for a loan, and finding them a home.

Foreclosed properties

Assistance buying a property owned by the lender after the owner failed to pay their mortgage.

Luxury Properties

Assistance buying or selling high-end properties often in the top 10% of listings or with exceptional features

New construction

Assistance buying brand new homes that have never been lived in. As a Frisco Realtor, Bassel can find you a brand new home. Frisco has many new construction homes. The homes are built with modern architecture and equipped with the latest technology accessories.

Rental services

Assistance finding a property to rent or listing a property for rent.

Investment opportunities

Assistance with finding investment properties, fix and flip, rentals, fix and hold, and other real estate issues.

Still looking for a Frisco Realtor, Frisco Real Estate Agent?

Bassel Mokabel is a local real estate agent in Frisco and a realtor in Frisco Texas who acts in your best interest. Call today for a complete guidance at every step of your real estate transaction!

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