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Finding and buying a home that will meet your needs is a significant and often stressful process. A buyer’s agent goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible. Unless you know the real estate market inside and out, the process can be daunting. Luckily, you will have a real estate agent by your side, who is an expert in the industry and have the training, resources will make the home buying process significantly smoother. A Buyer agent is an expert in the area, and once the agent learns what it is that you’re looking for, finding your dream home is simple.

Determine Your Home Buying Goals

The buyer’s agent will help determine your buying goals and objectives. The agent will listen to you to fully understand your real needs, and will complete a questionnaire. This will help the buyer’s agent focus on what you want in a home.

Get you pre-approved

The buyer’s agent will assist you with financing options including helping you find financing through the pre-approval process and determining the amount of mortgage for which you may qualify. The real estate agent will help you pre-qualify with a lender to strengthen the negotiating position. Then, review with you the estimate of the funds required for the purchase including monthly mortgage payment, escrow, pre-paids, insurance, etc.

Buyer’s agent will search for Your Home

The first task after getting you pre-approved is to search the MLS and other sources available to prepare a list of candidate homes. Then, will identify available homes that meet your goals and objectives and provide you with information on communities, schools and any other area characteristics. Together, you will narrow down selection by careful analysis of MLS printouts and other data sources. When appropriate properties are in short supply or when financing is difficult, the buyer’s agent will present alternate solutions to your needs.  When necessary, promote your search for any appropriate property through advertisements to listing agents or directly to owners of properties that may not be on the market yet. Then, notify you of new listings and give you an opportunity to view these properties before other buyers.

Showing homes

When it’s time to schedule showing homes, the buyer’s agent will set up the showing appointments for the selected homes and drive with you to show you them. Both of you will identify the tell-tale signs that a home may have a problem when viewing a home.

Analyze Homes

The buyer’s agent will analyze homes you’ve seen and refine the search. He or she will assist you in making an objective evaluation and determine the true “fair market value” of the home you wish to purchase, including both positives and negatives.
The real estate agent will assist you in making an objective comparison with competing properties. Before making an offer on a property, the real estate agent will present you with a Comparative Marketing Analysis and plan a negotiating strategy and suggest procedures that will enhance your negotiating position. (Price is not the only thing to negotiate.). Then the buyer’s agent will continue to search for other appropriate properties for you even during the time of negotiations to enhance your negotiating position.

Present the offer and negotiate the contract

When you are ready to submit the offer, the buyer’s agent will present the offer and negotiate the best deal for you. the buyer’s agent will support your offer price with facts of home sales in the desired neighborhood, and will handle counter offers and present your best interest.

Scheduling and attending the inspections

When obtaining an accepted contract, the buyer’s agent will introduce you to reputable and competent home inspectors, schedule and attend the home inspections with you and resolve unacceptable conditions. the real estate agent will strategize and re-negotiate alternatives after the inspection results.

Attending the appraisal

To handle any appraisal issues that might appear, the buyer’s agent will monitor and attend the appraisal as well.

Finalize Closing with buyer’s agent being present

The buyer’s agent will monitor the loan approval process and title insurance to be prepared for a smooth closing, and will keep you informed of all events that may affect closing.

The buyer’s agent will conduct a walk-through and attend and complete the closing process.

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